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Groupe dE Mossì is a Cutting Edge Firm focused on Sports and Entertainment Properties, Branding and Global Marketing.


Groupe dE Mossi

Current Projects:

  • Full Circle - The Return of the Underground DVD / CD / JOURNAL“A North American hip hop music label's quest for recognition and power and its unexpected discovery of hidden truths in Montreal, the New Jerusalem.”
  • The Writeous Arsenal Records producing the soundtrack for the DVD / CD & JOURNAL Release Full Circle - The Return of the Underground (The Montreal Chronicles) | The House of dE Mossì Productions in association with Writeous Arsenal Records
  • A Point In Time - BOXING 514 [The Montreal Chronicles] An introspective look at the underside of Boxing in Montreal and its recent rise to World Prominence.
  • The dE Mossi Clothing Co North 49 (Global, Urban Contemporary Styles)

What's New 2015:.





  • Agency dE Mossì Sports & Entertainment Advisory, Representation & Branding, Outside of the Ring Management & The North American Boxing Games [NABG].

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