Coffee Arabica $14.50- $50.00

Coffee Arabica $14.50- $50.00

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The world's best coffee, selected especially for you.

100% arabica coffee roasted locally in Montreal by Brulerie Aux Quatre Vents. 

Pick your size, format, and origin

Available from Papua New Guinea,  Brazil, Colombia & Mexico.

Try our house blend: Mélange Maison 20 1 100 AD.

Mélange Maison 20 1 100 AD- A blend of 3 black coffees with floral notes. Lightly spicy, caramel and chocolaty notes with a touch of bitterness.

Papua New Guinea- It has a uniquely delicate and refined taste. Good body with a nice almond aroma. Soft acidity. This mostly mountainous country produces a high quality Arabica due to the humidity of the climate.

Brazil- Sweet notes of chocolate and caramel. A light roast with nice acidity, lots of body. First worldwide coffee producer. Well situated at altitudes up to 1400m. Optimal conditions of precipitation and sun exposure.

Colombia- A dark roast this is rich and choc lately with notes of vanilla and caramel. Excellent fragrance and good acidity. Largest washed coffee producer in the world. The Arabica plantations grow in volcanic soils.

Mexico- Light citrus aroma, mellow and well balanced. With notes of chocolate, vanilla and hazelnut.

Jamaica Blue Mountain (certified authentic)- Citrus notes: grapefruit and orange. A chocolatey, caramel finish. Mellow sweet aftertaste that separates this unique coffee from all others.

Haitian Typica- Complex taste with low acidity. Mix of nutty and citrus aroma with a chocolatey finish.

Beans or ground


500g or 1Kg sizes coming soon.

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